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…We are stardust

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:40pm

Treepods .. .Billion year old carbon We are golden Caught in the devils bargain And we’ve got to get ourselves Back to the garden… Joni Mitchell

You are your own small planet. Made up of the very things of the universe. Star-stuff.

So it would stand to reason that as we as a society start making real strides toward the preservation of the planet we would need to go really micro and make these same changes for ourselves. As above, so below.

These days you can’t open a newspaper, a magazine or watch a television show without hearing about the Green Movement and our attempts to create a more sustainable way of living.

Lowering your carbon footprint is all the rage. We are driving less, eating organic and local and using sustainable materials when we build and remodel our homes.

But what about our bodies? What about medicine? Is the way we treat our bodies actually sustainable? What are the long-term effects of medication? Vaccinations? Suppressive therapies?

Can we swing the pendulum between the micro and the macro to see the connection between what is happening to our planet and what is happening to our bodies?

This blog is about finally seeing the green-light and about making informed choices that impact us as individuals while positively affecting our society and our planet.

Ultimately, this blog is about what I believe.
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