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Healthy Waste Free Soccer Snacks

Posted Sep 14 2009 10:03pm

Another sport, another snack dilemma. I’m Team Mom for my son’s soccer team this year…so I’m feeling a little bit more in control…but just a bit.

In the short time that my son has participated in organized sports I’ve been fairly appalled at what other parents consider appropriate as a snack. Candy, sugar filled cupcakes with mountains of frosting, bubble gum, potatoes chips and every possible iteration of unhealthy snack you could imagine. And the stuff that’s thrown away…little paper bags filled with individually packaged snacks…or cut fruit in baggies!

I admit, I’m a bit hard core. Yes, I let me son have a piece of candy on occasion- parties and holidays, at someone else’s house or when his dad gives him one. But in general, processed, packaged sweets are not part of our lifestyle. That’s how I was raised too.

Though I was raised in a typical “throwaway” culture, I also find myself more and more trying to go wastefree – to conserve out resources.

So this year, as team mom, I gently suggested that we all bring healthy snacks for the kids each week AND bring a filled reusable water bottle or two – snack parent will not be required to bring a drink at the end (in a throwaway container).The response was, in most cases positive, with one exception who managed to talk herself out of it when I responded to her complaint with “oh” and “um” and “hmmm”. – I love that when that happens!

Since I was first on the snack roster, I felt obliged to set a good example. This, of course necessitated running out to the store at the last minute, since I only thought about what a good idea it would have been to make home made cookies at the last minute.

It also required me to make 10 little brown bags of filled with snacks…OF COURSE I should have run to Target and bought 10 little cloth reusable bags – sigh- someone else do that please!

I ended up buying oranges which I sliced and passed around in a big bowl rather than putting them in baggies.(Grapes, cut apples or any other fruit would work here too.)

In my snack bags I put a box of raisins, a bag of pretzels and a granola bar. Any dried fruit, Pirate Booty, cereal bars or healthy cookies would work too. Cheese sticks or chunks, carrot or celery sticks, even salami slices or crackers would be even better.

The waste free part is harder. OK- putting the fruit in a big bowl to pass around worked great for the half time snack. Reusable cloth bags are better than throwaway …but what about that snack at the end that is usually 2-3 things in a bag? Could we just have a few bowls of things? Would that work at your soccer games? Has anyone tried it or have any other good ideas?

This month’s topic for The Green Moms Carnival is “Conserve” hosted by Mindful Momma (Watch for her book “Practically Green ” coming out in October.)

Did you enjoy this post…or at least found it interesting?

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