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Health Tips For You to Live Healthy and Stay Fit

Posted Mar 14 2008 5:52pm
An unhealthy lifestyle can lead to obesity, heart disease, low energy level, depression or even skin or hair problems. The words ‘healthy eating’, ‘healthy lifestyle’, ‘fitness’, etc. sound complicated and seem rather difficult to practice in the course of the daily life. However, it is not! You can sneak in healthy habits in your existent lifestyle. The following health tips will help you adopt a healthy lifestyle easily. We will see the major problems that we face in our way to adopt a healthy lifestyle in today’s world. Each problem is then followed by a health tip to tackle it.

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Problem 1: Busy lifestyle – no time to eat at home.

Health Tip: Buy whole food. Avoid processed food. Try to stock up frozen salad, nutrient snacks and canned soup at home or in the office refrigerator. Grab one as you rush out!

If you make out-of-station trips, ensure that every time you eat out you give the restaurant tips on how to prepare healthy dish for you. Share your dessert. If you are full, don’t force yourself to finish the plate. (more…)

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