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Health Questions to Ask Yourself – A Guide to Better Health

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:15pm

Human body is like a machine. Correct synchronization of every complex organ in the body is necessary for it to function properly. Just as when a machine malfunctions, you identify which part is malfunctioning by asking the right questions to the user, to know your body better or even to describe your complaints to your physician; you must ask yourself the righthealth questions.

We have thousands of ailments. To cover all health problems is beyond the scope of this article. Here you will find a list of health questions that you can ask yourself if you are not feeling well, discuss with your doctor during and after the diagnosis and few specific women-health questions. Even a man needs to know hishealth related queries, as it is important for both the genders to be healthy.

Health Questions on a Specific Ailment:

• What are the symptoms?

• How long are you suffering?

• Did it happen before?

• If so, in what frequency?

• Does any home-made remedy help?

• Are there any special observations?(more…)

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