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Heal Green - Nature's Healing Forces

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:23pm

    Nature is always lovely,



    Whatever is done

    and suffered by her creatures.

    All scars she heals,

    whether in rocks or water

    or sky or hearts.
John Muir

I am always a bit in awe when I walk around in nature and see the clear examples of struggle, of damage and of survival. Examples of perseverance despite setbacks and damage abound.

Nature has strong regenerative capabilities to heal damage caused by fire, lightening, flood, earthquakes or blights. Looking closely amidst the ruins of fire or flood affected areas one can find signs of new growth and new life.

Bernie Segal, MD reminds us how much we can learn from nature.

If you watch how nature deals with adversity, continually renewing itself, you can’t help but learn.
Nature can be a powerful ally and role model for those facing challenge and adversity, demonstrating the ability to survive despite strong forces that challenge her.

Excerpt from Dyer KA. 2001. Part 1: The Healing Qualities of Nature . Journey of Hearts.

Image Source. © 2000. Injured Tree. Kirsti A. Dyer

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