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Have you eaten your antibiotics today?

Posted Sep 07 2008 8:08pm

Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius--and a lot of courage--to move in the opposite direction...Albert Einstein

Barnchores I have pioneer woman fantasies.

Go ahead, yuck it up... especially if you saw my hair in the 80s, or my shoe collection for that matter...

But there is something about being able to take care of your own business that really turns me on. Give me an off-the-gridgeodesic domeand a pair of back-country skis and just let me be.

My fantasy life follows Arctic explorers like Anne and Liv and homesteaders like the Nearings. I roll a little more House on the Prairie and a lot less American Idol. I am a back-to-the-land geek.

What interests me about these folks is their self-sufficiency, adaptability and resiliency--traits that we are rapidly losing in our over-industrialized society. But as the world moves into a new reality, what is now considered quaint (canning your own food) or radical (using homeopathy) may become a necessity as things start to heat up (global warming reference intended).

Thanks to the end of cheap oil, Americans are finally facing the music about global climate change; yet getting people into action was not easy. Al Gore lectured until he was blue in the face, but until gas hit $4 a gallon, Americans just hopped into their SUVs and went to Walmart.

What will it take to wake people up to what's happening with our health and with the food supply?

Here's a simple thing to think about:

Cowbaby As we Americans go ga-ga over hand sanitizers, antibacterial cleaning products and medications, industrial meat producers are pumping barrels of the stuff into ruminating bovines to keep them from (literally) exploding after being fed a corn diet (for which they are not biologically suited) while packed in rows of their own feces...

No wonder more than 84% of ALL antibiotics are being used in livestock.

This means that we are eating antibiotics every time we eat industrially-produced meat. Every hamburger, every steak, all the chicken fingers and pork chops and hot dogs, that are not certified otherwise, come with their own dose of antibiotics (not to mention hormones and preservatives). See this link for a very entertaining, and very informative series of short animated films called, "The Meatrix".

The net result is that 14,000 Americans die every year from drug-resistant infections, and the National Academy of Sciences calculates that the increased health care costs associated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria exceed at least $4 billion annually. (See this website for more interesting information) And I actually found a statistic that reported nearly 1 in 100 people worldwide is fighting a MRSA infection.

Will this be the "event" that gets us to take action?

And will we have the foresight to admit that the solution doesn't warrant more medicine and chemical cleaners?

Blindfold parade Somehow we have forgotten what it is like to eat real food. And we stumble blindly about trying to take care of ourselves when we are not well. We've built huge infrastructures that help us to forget that real cows eat grass and every sniffle doesn't need an antibiotic.

So while we don't need to move into the yurt just yet (although I would if I could!), it is time to start using our pioneering mentality in order to become more self-sufficient and ultimately healthier.

Here are a few of my favorite books to get you thinking:

And one more thing: Almost two years ago, The Husband contracted MRSA (very likely from his wetsuit; common in surfers). It was a nasty infection that landed him in the ER where they lanced, drained and packed the affected area. We were trying various Homeopathic remedies to no avail and things were getting scary--especially after hearing horror stories about other surfers who had serious recurrent infections that lasted several months. Finally, we hit on the right Homeopathic remedy and his fever immediately broke, the wound drained (pushing out the dressings and packing from the hospital) and the infection quickly cleared. Just thought I'd mention it...

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