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Hang 'Em Dry Challenge Check-In

Posted Oct 13 2010 12:00am
Just checking in on the Hang 'Em Dry Challenge .

Louisiana weather is still so mild at this point that hanging hasn't been a problem at all! I haven't used the dryer any for my clothing or our household items like linens. (My husband still uses the dryer for most of his and the kids clothes'...they are not down with the crunchy towel factor just yet!)


What I love about line-drying: 
*it forces me to slow down and enjoy myself: I truly like hanging my clothes, enjoying the breeze, smelling the fresh air, etc. The extra time it takes doesn't bother me because it's relaxing.

*no bumping and clunking of the dryer

*saves $$ and energy

*I like the fresh air smell of my clothes. I am using a homemade washing soap, so I also enjoy the lack of flowery chemical smell on my clothes. 


*my cats! They have some major hairball/yakking problems and I seem to be washing blankets constantly. Thankfully we have a lot of small/thin fleece type things, so they dry super-quickly on the line. 

*I have to stay on top of things. Can't save up tons of laundry and do it all in one day due to it taking time and room on the line to dry. 


*I hang my shirts on hangers, then hook them over the line. That way they dry in a natural shape. 

* I try to get my clothes washed and hanging early to take advantage of the sun. 

* I hang stained stuff in the sunny spots, but our yard is so shady that I'm not sure this will be a good stain-removal system. 

Credit: istockphoto

Any experiences or tips?
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