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Half a Million Views, and How My View Is Changing Soon

Posted May 26 2013 7:17am
My final scooter ride ever home from the bus stop
Sometime during last night, this blog hit the 500,000-page-view milestone. Now, that may not sound like a lot to million-hits-a-day kinds of blogs, but to me, a mom and freelance writer who feels like I had been starting to sort of rot on the bottom of the hill in suburbia, it's pretty cool. 

I was shocked years ago to find out some things about our world, I set out to share what I was learning, and things just grew from there. It has been extraordinarily fun and rewarding. I've especially loved being able to showcase so many people I've met who are doing amazing things, including urban farmers , business owners , authors , movie directors (I have a new post about one coming soon!), and many, many others changing the world in some small or large way. I've also loved being able to invite people to join me in action, and to feel as if together we've accomplished a thing or two. Thank you for all the times I invited you along, and you came by tapping in, by donating time or money, or by taking steps to make a difference close to home and around the world. (Remember--I'm still working toward that 50 for Good new garden goal!)

There are lots of things I've come to accept during the journey:
* I accept that I live in a particular time in history. * I accept that I currently live in a particular place in a particular country. * I accept that finding and affording "perfect solutions" is challenging and not always possible. * I accept that doing the best I can under the circumstances is sometimes enough. * I accept that sometimes actions serve no other real purpose than to be symbolic, because children are watching and learning and one day may be capable of making a real, not symbolic, impact. * I accept that everyone has a different path and pace on the journey, and everyone is deserving of respect. * I accept that many people want to be divisive and to stereotype and discount others, rather than truly listen, share, and learn together. * I accept a positive, joy-based journey for myself and those who join me on the journey, without negative energy to distract and divide.  Mostly, I accept that time is a non-renewable resource, that today is a gift, and that I have a job to do as part of my distinct calling in life. That job is changing, and I am changing with it. This summer-of-transition (yes, school has ended here) will put me in a very different spot when school starts again (in August here), with one daughter away at college and the other at a very small arts high school about 15 miles away from our home. Everything about my daily life will be different*, and I am through-the-roof excited about it. There is so much more to see, learn, experience, and of course, share with you here on our FoodShed Planet. (For instance, I passed a glass blower's studio on my new route the other day. He gives lessons . . . And did you know about corporate "natural resources accounting"? And I may have found a much more sustainable alternative to TOMS Shoes ! And, of course, there's still that trip to Portugal and the whole cork thing .)

I'm thinking of taking a little break here. I'm not sure how long it will last (probably not long), but I'll see you on the other side. We have much to do and learn together yet, and many new people to meet.

If you are interested in any particular topic relating to triple-bottom-line sustainability, there's a very strong chance I've written about it. See here .

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Here's one of my personal favorite ones ever .

And here's one I'm constantly tempted to take down . Yet I like a saying that goes, "There will be a day I cannot do this anymore. Today is not that day." If I can still sing and dance anywhere (including on Atlanta's mass transit system), I'm doing it. Proudly.

eclectic food-for-thought for a changing world
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