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Guide to Washing Bamboo Bed Sheets and Fabrics

Posted Jul 18 2013 1:57pm

Bamboo clothing products are considered to be a better alternative to various other types of clothing products such as cotton, nylon and polyester as it is eco-friendly and ingrained with innumerable beneficial qualities. It is quite easy to manufacture bamboo as it is a fast growing plant which seldom requires any fertilizers and pesticides. Bamboo is a natural product which is anti-bacterial and mold resistant. It is therefore used for various clothing products such as bed linen, towels, pants, scarves and pyjamas. However, these natural products require care so that it lasts for a considerable period of time. 


Some Important Launder Tips 


Laundry of bamboo products is quite different from the usual types of fabrics. As bamboo is a natural product, it is prone to shrinking if it is washed in hot water. These fabrics should be washed gently in cold water without the use of fabric softeners and bleach.   


Bamboo linens can be washed in washing machines gently in cold water. It is important to wash similar colored clothes together in washing machines as natural fibers such as bamboo tend to absorb dye quickly. Mild detergents can be used to wash bamboo clothing, bed sheets and towels.


It is better to line dry bamboo products as it prevents shrinkage and spoilage of clothes and bed linens. Dryers can be used to dry these products but use air drying setting so that the products remain intact for a long period of time. 


Garments and bed linen made of bamboo products can be ironed if necessary in very low heat. The iron setting for bamboo products should be similar to the settings used for synthetic fabrics. Never steam iron these natural products as it can cause visible damages to the fabric. 


Depending on the type of fabric and its construction, the washing instructions may vary. 100% bamboo sheets should be washed with care as it can shrink and damage easily. Pure bamboo products are soft as silk and exhibit unique qualities. It is anti-allergenic which makes it ideal for bed sheets and pillow covers. It never causes skin rashes and allergies. Therefore it is used by people suffering from asthma, breathing problems and skin allergies. 


Bamboo bed products and clothes such as pyjamas and shirts are easily available these days even from the online stores. Some of these fabrics are blended with organic cotton to achieve a sophisticated appearance. It is quite easier to manufacture blended fabrics rather than pure bamboo fabrics. 


Due to its large beneficial qualities, bamboo products are generally in great demand these days. Bamboo bedding products and linen are manufactured for babies too as it is one of the safest fabric products available. Bamboo products are both comfortable and safe to use. It is available in a whole range of choices at affordable prices. 

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