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Green Your Pets: The Poop

Posted Jun 18 2009 1:33pm

No dog poop Pets are such a source of joy; science has proven that having an animal companion provides many physical and psychological benefits. But America’s more than 160 million owned dogs and cats surely impact the environment. This week we’re sharing tips about how to reduce Fido’s and Fluffy’s environmental pawprints.

Tip #4: Deal With Their Waste

One of the biggest hassles of having a pet is dealing with their poop. Not only is it inherently unpleasant, but also poses environmental hazards such as water pollution, transmitting diseases to other species, and, if left unchecked in public spaces, causing human resentment toward animals. Do your civic, uh, duty by picking up any business your pet leaves behind using a biodegradable bag or a Skooperbox. Other ways to dispose of the stuff greenly include flushing it, composting it, and burying it. There are also plenty of eco-friendly cat litters out there.

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