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Green Tips from Blog Party Visitors to Go Green and Save Green

Posted Aug 24 2008 5:23pm
Now that blog party has ended, I have pulled together all of the green tips suggested by visitors to the site. We've had a lot of great tips and comments for the week, so I will be running the tips over several blogs this week.

Go Green - Conserve Water

From Joy : GREEN TIP! This will save you money when you flush the toilet. Take a jug of milk (some toilet tanks can fit a gallon, others can only fit a half-gallon).

Fill it with rocks, weights, or whatever you can find that will give it weight. I used those melted marbles you find in craft stores.

After flushing, place the jug (or similar water-proof container) inside the tank, off to the side of the plug. And voila, less water is filling up your water tank!
Go Green Kids

From Katie My tip is let your children get involved. My youngest learned about recycling at school and ever since has become an advocate for it. It's his job to check containers to see if we can recycle it. He was thrilled when we bought reusable bags at the grocery store and we take them everywhere we shop!

Go Green - Neither Paper Nor Plastic

From dolls123 I'm using cloth bags instead of plastic ones.

Go Green at the Store

From Brianna We use our own bags at the grocery store and I'm even getting to the point where I take them to other stores, too. We also use cloth napkins instead of paper ones or paper towels. I'm amazed at what a reduction it is in our use of paper!

I sew, so I make pillowcases as "wrapping paper" for gifts. Just tie with a string and it is a great package!

From Audrey Our biggest contribution has been to only use reusable grocery bags. We love it. We even bought a dozen of them for my mom.

Save Green - Printers and Printing Paper

Another Tip From Ana When printing, to save on ink, click on preferences, then paper/quality tab, then on Draft. It will print out lighter than on the regular setting, but it's readable and saves on cartridge ink.

To save on paper, simply print on both sides of the page when printing multiple pages.

Source: Eco-friendly tip #8: Saving When Printing
Save Green - Alternative Fuel Sources

From michelle Another suggestion would be to do as I did and switch to bioheat. It's great because it uses heating oil and biodegradable products like soybean oil. If you're really into being green then you should be excited about this because you get to keep your home comfy, cozy, and warm during the cold seasons and help preserve the earth as well. I got lots of great tips from Oil Heat America .

Save Green - Compost

From Ana My tip that I would share is to compost when possible. It isn't as difficult as most would believe and creates reusable waste.
Note to the Go Green Tip Winners:
Everyone who shared a Green Tip is eligible to receive one of the My Green Doc Blog's “Go Green” or “Live Green” sticker in the mail.

You will also receive the Go Green image via email to use as as a blog badge.

To claim your prize, please send me an email to with the information I need to send you your “Go Green” or “Live Green” sticker and blog badge by May 31.
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