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Green Tip #3 - Use Dusk-to-Dawn Compact Fluorescent (CFL) Light Controls To Save Energy

Posted Feb 19 2011 5:57pm

Dusk To Dawn Light Control Before Picture.jpg

What is wrong with the above photo?

Yep. The light is on during the day. Why?

Mostly laziness.

You see, we like to leave our front door light on all night for security reasons. Then the light never gets turned off. Ever.

Dusk To Dawn Light Control During Install Picture.jpg

As part of my getting down to being green and saving money all year initiative, this light needs to be turned off during the day. Since my family and I are too lazy to do it, we have decided to hire a stand-in - a compact fluorescent light control which automatically turns the light on for us at dusk. Perfect problem solve.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Buy the light control and screw your CFL bulb into the control.
  2. Turn your electric source off and screw the control and light bulb into your light base, making sure that the photocell opening is facing the strongest natural light source possible. (In the photo to the right you will see I am about to screw the connected control in.)
  3. Turn the light switch on.

See the finished photo below - the light is off during the day and is turned on during the night. Instant solution.

Make a difference in your own home. Try utilizing this tool to "turn off the lights" and reduce electricity use.

Duk To Dawn Light Control After Picture.jpg
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