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Green School

Posted Oct 28 2008 9:47pm
We do everything we can to make our homes clean and green for our children … but what about their schools? Summer is half over and school is right around the corner, but there is still plenty of time to do some homework to make your child(ren)’s school a more non-toxic place in which to spend hours each day

Some things you might want to find out about:

Do the kids have easy access to sinks, and are encouraged to wash their hands frequently? Dirty little hands spread germs and cause illnesses at a surprisingly rapid rate – probably more than anything else.

What kinds of art supplies are used? Soy crayons,"no dust" chalk, natural glue, natural clay, water-based paints, and “low odor” (not permanent or water proof) markers are all readily available – and far superior - alternatives to what most schools use these days.

Does the school recycle and buy recycled products, such as paper? At the rate kids go through them, this is extremely important.

What kinds of food does the cafeteria serve? If they are serving non-organic food and no meatless options, you might want to politely educate them on thedangers of a lifetime of poor eating. The school nutrition program is probably based on outdated information. The water filtration system might need investigating too.

How is the air quality in the school building? If there are a lot of idling vehicles around, that is a cause for concern. Renovations should only take place when children are not in school to limit their exposure to dust. What about the air filters? And how about radon?

Are pesticides used on the grass and other plants around the school? If so, your child is only one recess or soccer game away from being exposed. Schools should also be pushing safe lice removal products.

What kinds of toys do the children play with at school? Some forms of plastic are quite dangerous after a lifetime of exposure.

Does the school teach your child about taking better care of the environment, and the effects that an unhealthy earth has on our health?

Are other parents concerned about green issues? You could form a committee. While one person can definitely cause change, a group can cause even more.

Safe alternatives and information:
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Healthy Schools Network, Inc

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