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Green Goods You Can't Live Without

Posted May 01 2009 12:00am
N Pour Moi invites you to Complete Your Healthy Lifestyle™ with 100% natural products free of parabens and alcohols and made with rainwater. "Our preservative system is based on food grade natural preservatives. Additionally our ingredients are all sustainable," notes Fermín Návar, Aromatarii for parent company Maison de Navar, Inc. in Austin, TX. A quiet and unassuming brand with no sexy pictures or flashy websites, N Pour Moi makes Shaving Mousse that is most impressive. It does make a difference what you shave with - and with this mousse, as opposed to what I normally shave with (bar soap!), I experienced a much closer shave leaving smoother, silkier skin. Try their products for men and women: a full line of lotions and moisturizers, nut free lip balm, and hand cleanser in vanilla, citrus, lavender, and geranium rose scents.

LUSH Cosmetics asks, "Is packaging absolutely necessary?" The answer has led LUSH to develop such innovative products as their solid shampoo bars, conditioners, bubble bar slices, massage bars, hair hennas, body butters, deodorants ... all of which don’t require packaging. As a result, last year alone approximately 3 million plastic bottles were not manufactured, transported and disposed of because customers chose to buy LUSH’s solid shampoo bars instead of a bottled product! Read their admirable core beliefs. This Canadian based company has stores throughout the US and many other countries. A note on their products: Shave the Planet Shaving Cream sounds good but does contai parabens , toxic preservatives listed as "High Hazard" at Cosmetics Safety Database. There are also a few other ingredients in their products that are not PassionateGreen. LUSH definitely has the right idea as far as packaging and eco-friendliness, but needs to reformulate many of its products according to more stringent safety standards.

Lemongrass Spa Products' consultant Jill Breheny says, "I share your passion for green products that are safe to use on our skin (our largest organ). I have proudly and confidently represented Lemongrass Spa Products for 4 1/2 years through two pregnancies." I was pleased to learn that their fragrances are phthalate-free, and their products aren't sold in stores, eliminating the need for harsh and harmful chemical preservatives. Their body polish smells amazing but is a little messy/oily in the tub (but worth it!) This Colorado-based company is a signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

Lavanila Laboratories' brand new Vanilla Lavender scent is light, sweet, and addictive, and their body butter one of the best I've ever used. Get a free 1 oz sample with every order! Take advantage of Free shipping on orders over $50, or find them at Sephora, HSN, Nordstrom and other fine cosmetics retailers. These are truly pure products. Try the roller ball or standard fragrances, lip butter or shine, body wash, deodorant, and candles. Safe, quality deodorant is difficult to find - this is a good one.

Beautorium is a natural and organic beauty emporium. Look for symbols next to products on their site to guarantee they are "certified," "good works," and "no animal testing." Beautorium, of Charlotte, NC, carries such prestigious brands as John Masters Organics, Juice Beauty, and Korres Materia Herba. The site is loaded with free gifts! You will find anti-aging treatments, bath and body care including African Bath Salts, a pregnancy and baby section, a mens' section, and much more. Search their beauty issues guide to find products specifically tailored for your unique skin situation.
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