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"Green" Food For Thought

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:19pm

It seems like the word “green” has become one of those words the media and tv shows like to beat you over your head with over and over again. Watch any home show and “green” is in just about every one of them. Look at articles about products and “green” is almost always mentioned. Next thing we’ll see is Project Runway going green, with designers using green fabric and supplies! Now that would be interesting.

Buzz words always seem to fizzle and lose their meaning when overused like the way “green” is being used today. I prefer the words “sustainable” or “sustainability” because they have more significance. For instance, the past few nights I’ve had insomnia and when my husband found out once again I fell asleep at 4 a.m., his response was “Honey, this is not sustainable!” Now that has meaning!

In my own opinion, I am quite tired of the extensive use of “green” in the marketing of products. Carbon foot print is another one that is starting to grate on my nerves. I’m not saying that changes don’t need to be made for our children and grandchildren’s sake. And for ours for that matter. But I think people are trying to do their best every day to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle and having it in our face every day can cause anxiety which in turn causes the meaning to fizzle and lose it’s enthusiasm. Eventually we will throw our hands up in the air and surrender to the conventional because it just seems easier. And I for one do not want to do that. So for now, I am removing the word “green” from my vocabulary and using sustainable because I want these changes to continue and have significance. What about you?

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