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GN Book Excerpt - - How To Build A Butterfly Garden From Jim Kleinwachter

Posted Feb 16 2011 3:27pm
Swallowtail Butterfly in Front Garden - Copy.jpg

Swallowtail butterfly in Shawna Coronado's front native and drought tolerant plant garden.

This is an excerpt from my book, "Gardening Nude". Enjoy!!

GN Book Excerpt - - How To Build A Butterfly Garden From Jim Kleinwachter

Below is a guide from the Conservation @ Home website, which is managed by Jim Kleinwachter.You can attract native butterfly's by saving water and utilizing prairie plants.


There are many species of butterflies common to the United States. Attracting them to your yard is easily done with a butterfly garden--or a flower garden planted with native nectar-rich plants that attract butterflies. Butterfly gardens can be large or small and can be adapted to almost any soil conditions. Plant a butterfly garden now and watch the beautiful winged critters appear!

• Butterfly gardens are easy to construct, require little water once established and no fertilizers.

• Plant perennials, which establish themselves and bloom each year. This makes a beautiful butterfly garden for years to come!

• Plants that attract butterflies should be planted in full sun, and ideally in a place where the wind is blocked (butterflies do not like to fight the

• With the great variety of native plants available, you can plan your garden to have colorful blooms from early spring to late fall.

• If you prefer smaller plantings, a few butterfly-attracting plants can be placed within your existing garden.

• No chemical fertilizers or pesticides should be used, as butterflies and other wildlife are extremely sensitive to them and the native plants do not need them.

• Native plants that produce bright pink, orange, yellow and red colors attract butterflies.

• Native plants are those that were originally found local to your community; therefore they require little maintenance, less water, and less money to support! Most native plants can be found in nurseries which specialize in selling native plants local to your community.

For further information on gardening, please reference my gardening blog, "The Casual Gardener." Thank you.

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