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Global Warming VS. Climate Change VS. Idiocy Start Taking Care of the Earth and Stop Your Whining and Gossiping!

Posted Nov 23 2009 10:01pm


Recently, there’s been a lot of debate related to the supposed hacker confiscation and internet broadcast of private atmospheric scientist’s documentation and correspondence. Apparently, in these documents, the scientists are discussing the possibility that global warming might not exist. There are lots of problems about the public basing a firm decision on the earth’s health on what a few scientists are tossing back and forth via email instead of reviewing scientific evidence. We won’t address that here.

However, there is something we should all take a look at – does it really matter if we are living under the threat of “global warming” or any number of other titles we give “climate change”? Why are we arguing semantics? We earthlings are already experiencing something which we have experienced since the birth of our species: climate change is happening.

Documented from Biblical times, the earth has been changing. Areas in the Middle East which were once verdant and green are now deserts. Areas which were once deserts are now lakes. This is true. This is documented. It continues to happen now. Above you see a photo of the Aral Sea. It was once the world’s fourth largest inland salinated water body. Within 20 years it has been almost totally destroyed due to inefficient rerouting of the rivers leading to it by the Soviet Union.

The region's once prosperous fishing industry has been almost completely destroyed, bringing unemployment and image economic hardship to the humans living near this endorheic basin in Central Asia. Local climate change has been significant due to the sea’s retreat, with summers becoming hotter and drier, and winters colder and longer. The Aral Sea region is also now extremely polluted with consequent serious public health problems.

Whether it is specifically “global warming” or not is no longer the point for me personally. CLIMATE CHANGE IS HAPPENING. PERIOD. Whether it’s related to the “global warming” theory or not makes no difference in the way we should be taking care of our planet. Every single human on this planet should be thinking of ways to help keep the planet going so humanity can continue.

The earth is an evolutionary entity and changes temperatures constantly – deserts become oceans; lakes become deserts. Sometimes within a single lifetime when aided by idiocy and poor management by local governments, and other times within a million years.

The fact still remains that we should be cleaning up and regulating pollution and climate change so we are better able to save lives and maintain cultures; preventing the human race from disappearing in the process.

I don’t think the “world will end” in a firey explosion on a certain specific date in the future as so many people are duped into believing, but I do believe because of our own stupidity we might just end up making the earth an inhospitable place to support life within only a few short generations; destroying both humans and many other of the animals we share the earth with.

It is time for all of us to stop arguing semantics. It’s global warming, it’s climate change, it’s global warming, it’s climate change – no people; it’s idiocy to sit on your hands and do nothing but complain. Every human on earth needs to stop whining and gossiping and start doing something about it!

As always, I still adamantly believe that one person at a time is the place to begin. One determined person can make a difference. It starts here. It starts now.


Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!, The Green Blog -, or The Garden Blog -

PHOTO CREDIT: I had difficulty finding the original source of these photos. I found the photos at thislink. However, the author did not credit it properly. After further search, I believe the credit should go to Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA/GSFC for the sky’s-eye view. I found further information and more photos credited to him at thislinkthrough NASA. Photo credit for the Aral Sea shipwrecked fishing boats goes to William C. Tumley, 1990.

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