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Get Yo Healthy On Exercising in a Nature Bootcamp I Survived Weeks 4, 5, 6

Posted Jun 23 2009 5:22pm

Underground Core Fitness Boot Camp          

Jeremy Glasgow of Underground Core Fitness [seen above in the yellow shirt] is leading a group of dedicated exercisers (including me) into health via his all-outdoor-in-nature boot camp. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor gloom of night will keep we boot campers from our appointed rounds – above you see our group exercising on an outdoor basketball court in Warrenville, Illinois. In the photo it is so foggy out my shot reflects tiny water droplets hanging in the air.

Three times a week at 5:30 AM - rain, sleet, snow, or fog - we meet at an outdoor park to exercise together. We do this for four weeks, then have a week for a break so our muscles “forget” and have to be retrained during the next four week session.

Jeremy is patient and encouraging. In my first weeks I struggled to simply make it to the end of class without throwing up. My body would ache for days – Ibuprofin is my friend - and I thought I would not be able to get past sore muscles Underground Core Fitness Boot Camp      and my complete and utter lack of grace compared to the other campers.

We boot camp members have varying personal and professional lives. Indeed, we are opposites in many ways. However, we have one thing that really holds us together and helps us get through Jeremy’s workouts; the belief that being outdoors exercising in nature is helping us become truly healthier people.

It is hard work to do the type of interval training Jeremy puts us through. We call him “Jeremy the Torturer” in jest. A lthough it is a real physical challenge to get through the workouts, it is also amazingly invigorating. When his class ends I feel proud that we have all given our best. Tired, but happy – both physically and emotionally.

Finally, after the third week, my muscles began to acclimate and now they do not hurt as much after a work out as they did initially. Instead of putting myself through pain, I now feel as if I have put my body through something good and challenging.

All those weeks of my chanting “I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!” has really paid off. Being in nature, breathing fresh air, smiling, laughing, exercising - - it is good! Now I am more determined than ever to keep going.

I know I can do this for myself. I know you can do it too!

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