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Get Yo Healthy On Exercise in Nature at Boot Camp I survived Week 1

Posted May 17 2009 10:47pm


As you know, I recently joined the Underground Core Fitness boot camp to try and strengthen my back and abs. Jeremy Glasgow is leading our group into better health and doing it while we are outside in nature – an awesome concept. Feeling a bit over-confident, I boldly strode into boot camp the first day telling myself what good shape I am in compared to the average American.

That same day I walked out of camp with the distinct impression that Jeremy, my trainer, is trying to kill me.

After the second day of camp I immediately came home, took 1200 mgs of Ibuprofin, ate a steak for lunch, drank a jack and diet, and collapsed on my bed (photo above). No relief. My back, arms, legs, neck, fingernails, and even my hair are in pain. Not just regular old pain – you know like the easy and gentle act of giving childbirth or perhaps the pain of having a tooth extracted without drugs – we are talking REAL pain I tell you!

Jeremy HAD warned me. He took me aside on the first day, looked deep into my eyes and told me not to worry, it takes a “few days” for your body to adjust and attain stronger muscle strength. There might be some soreness for a while. It will get better.

Sore? SORE? I am more than sore. After collapsing today on my bed following my emergency jack and diet, I am absolutely sure death is imminent. I cannot move without one muscle or another loudly and forcefully screaming curse words. And while being out in nature doing the body work is definitely a cool experience, it is also tough to train hard.

Now remember; I am a gardener. This means I already spend dozens of hours a week out in the garden doing lifting, moving, and digging. All my garden work plus boot camp equals one mighty woman, let me tell you. I am strong. I am invincible. I am tired! Hear my roar, “GET ME A JACK AND DIET FOR GOSH SAKES!”

Okay – it sounds like I am giving up – but I am not. “Jeremy’s House of Pain and Torture” is where I will be this week too. I will stick with it and see where this takes me. Progress the first week was painful and slow – maybe next week it will be less painful and more hopeful. Maybe.

Meanwhile, do me a favor and follow along throughout the year and tell me what you will be doing this season to spend more time outdoors exercising. I will keep you apprised of my successes or failures in boot camp and I want to know what you are doing to stay in shape outdoors in nature as well – send photos and leave comments.

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