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Get Yo Green On Tuesday SubZero Water Bottles A Very Disappointing Product Review

Posted Mar 10 2009 3:54pm 3 Comments

SubZero Stainless Steel Bottle While at the local Walgreen’s a week ago I spotted one of those cool new stainless steel water bottles which was advertising it was “Reusable, Refillable,  Recyclable.” It came in several colors and sizes and was made by SubZero.

Since I am concerned about plastic usage, I felt this was a great reusable alternative and bought three of them. What convinced me to buy was the tagged “features list,” which seemed significant: “Does not leach harmful chemicals into liquids, Producing stainless steel is toxin-free, Surface has no pores or cracks to hold bacteria, Life expectancy is over 100 years because of its impact and rust resistance, Can also be recycled 100%."

My first concern - there are a LOT of cautions on the exterior of the bottle – but they seemed fairly obvious like “Intended for cool and cold beverages SubZero Rust only,” or “Do not use cleaners containing bleach or chlorine.”

My disappointment and shock began the first day I gave my eight year old daughter the water bottle to use. THE FIRST DAY! She brought it home from school and said, “I can’t drink out of this, it has rust at the bottom.” It did NOT have rust on the bottom when I gave it to her. I thought perhaps it was mold or something so took the lid off and looked in. Here’s a photo – yep, rust!

Then I examined the exterior of the bottle. Where the bottom of the bottle was  connected there was a strange white limish substance oozing out of the rim. SubZero Slime WHAT?!?!?! Here’s a photo of that – I had a hard time getting a clear picture with my camera, but you get the idea – what is that stuff?

Next I poured the remaining water from only ONE DAY of exposure of the bottle into a clear glass. Let me assure you people, this water went in to the bottle CLEAR and fresh. This horrid stuff filled with rust and gosh only knows what. This is what my daughter was drinking after it was inside the SubZero Water Bottle. I made this photo large – I want you to see how disgusting that is – DISGUSTING! SubZero Disgusting Water

I was downright horrified. Although I did not save my receipts from Walgreen’s (uh yeah… very stupid) I DID save the SubZero tags and re-examined them. “Made in China” and distributed by SUBZERO / Global Advantage in Missouri. Today I will be sending Walgreen’s and SubZero a link to this review – SUBZERO PLEASE TAKE THIS PRODUCT OFF THE MARKET! This should NOT be happening after one day of use – our children need fresh, clean, drinking water and I was very disappointed with it and found it is NOT the green product you are touting it to be.


WOW!!! saw this post and has agreed to send new water bottles out so we can try a better brand - AND - is going to sponsor a $50 gift certificate contest during the Gardening Nude "Mexican Green Living Blog Adventure 2009".

I'll be blogging for 14 days straight talking about eco- and environmental adventures and green living starting 3/21 and will be joining us. Tune in to win a free FUNCTIONING and WONDERFUL waterbottle from!

Woot! Thank you – you rock!!

Shawna Coronado says Get Healthy! Get Green! Get Community!, The Green Blog -, or The Garden Blog -

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I have 3 of these bottles. They are not impact resistant. My 12 year old daughter took on to basketball practice and can home with a bottle with 2 dents in it. How do I being this to the companies attention? They should live up to what they advertise. If you know of a way for me to talk to the company themselves please send the information to: Sara at . I would really apprectiate it. Thank you for your time.
After using this bottle for a couple weeks I noticed a black residue on the threads.I always rinsed the bottle before use.Looking in the bottle there black specks on the inside. Will not use again.

Dudes, the black residue, esp. after 'a couple of weeks', is dirt! YOu know, slime, germs, etc, from the tiny bits of backwash from your bacteria-containing mouth back into the bottle!  Not rocket science. 

And sorry, but just rinsing the bottle before each use ain't gonna cut it after a few weeks. Rinsing doesn't cut dirt or kill germs.  Same for the black specks on the inside. YOu put drinking glasses into the dishwasher after one use, plus you don't cap them, so there's no environment for 'mold" to grow, which unfortunately is most likely what you're getting in your bottles - dark, moist environment (closed bottle) plus bacteria (your backwash) = mold. Just chill and wash the thing with soap, hot water and a bottle brush. Every few weeks I take the rubber grommet out and scrub it, turn it inside out and scrube there, too - black specks hiding as well.

 I want to know where's the proof that SubZero is BPA-free.....

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