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Get Yo Green On Tuesday - "Best In Glass" Glass Cleaner Review and a Tip To Improve Home Air Quality

Posted Dec 02 2008 9:26pm

Every Tuesday, Gardening Nude The Blog will discuss a new way to Get Your Green On – today’s green discussion is a product review and advice on how to make the breathing quality better in your home.

Laundry room

Our 1970’s basement laundry room is unfinished. Our family’s mold allergies are huge and I spend every day defending myself and my girls against them. Because of this, I felt the reason I felt sick whenever I walked into the laundry room was not because of the sheer volume of laundry, it was because of microscopic molds which grew on the floors and walls.

For five years I tried to kill the molds. We bleached everything and even put different flooring down to cover the frigid and supposedly mold covered basement floors. Then one day I told my husband I could not deal with the laundry room any more. Seeing dollar signs from a total laundry room renovation, Dr. Husband, Fixer-of-All-Evil-Money-Problems ran into the laundry room and scanned the room for evil mold. When he came back out, he said, “It’s not the mold, it’s the chemicals.”

“HUH?” I replied.

“Look – we have all our shelving open and I can see at least twenty different housecleaning and laundry chemicals sitting out. Your asthma and allergy issues might be triggered whenever you walk into this room. You get dizzy in the housecleaning aisle at the grocery store – I’m sure this is it.” After consideration, our laundry room is also our furnace room, which needs strong ventilation. The air from the laundry room was being broadcast all over our living quarters as well.

By the next week we packed all the chemicals into two very large tubs that sit beneath the washer and dryer. I rarely admit this, but the husband was right; now when I walk into the laundry room I no longer feel ill. This is a great way to clean up the air quality in your home. If the chemicals you use are out and in the open the odor can touch each and every person in your home, particularly if you have ventilation or the furnace area near the chemicals.

If just SMELLING the chemicals made such a significant impact on our family, imagine how it is impacting yours? Perhaps it is time we all start to consider that using non-toxic cleaning chemicals is better for our family and better for the world. I have started searching for non-toxic and environmentally friendly choices whenever possible. In my search I have found some things just cannot be substituted. However, the majority of our household cleaning products do not have to be toxic and we all need to make a change.

My favorite non-toxic product is Method’s “Best In Glass.” They tout it as a planet friendly ammonia-free glass cleaner. I get this nectar of the God’s (at least for my windows) from Target. It works great and smells lightly of mint, which is one of the few scents I can handle without a problem. It does not smell of vile, gut-wrenching, chemicals which might give you cancer or kill you. In fact, it is made of Corn Alcohol, Surfactant (Naturally Derived), Biodegradable Solvent, Fragrance, Color, Preservative (under 0.1%), Purified Water. That’s one of the shortest chemical ingredient lists I have ever seen.

My official review for the Method “Best In Glass” product is two thumbs up. The photo below shows the wonderful glass cleaner in front of my now very streak free shower doors – if you hear angel’s singing and harps playing, that’s because “Best In Glass” is simply heaven on earth for your family.

Method Best In Glass

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