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Get Yo Green On Tuesday - How to Recycle A T-Shirt Into A Carry Bag - An Eco-friendly Teen Craft!

Posted Jan 27 2009 5:10pm

T-Shirt Bag Full Length Recently, my teenager took a class at her high school on the environmental sciences. Happily, the class taught her a lot about the concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle - she enthusiastically walked prairies, collected seeds in nature, and studied woodland areas with her classmates.

Experiencing greening and conservation at a scientific level enabled her to intimately investigate how our earth is being threatened, and more importantly, the steps every individual should take for positive habits related to greening.

She learned that every little bit counts and we all need to work together to accomplish something great. Many of the lessons learned in this class about conservation, recycling, and landfill rescue will stay with her for the rest of her life.

One of the fun things her class did as a group was learn how common "throw-away" items can be converted into something reusable. One easy craft related to this subject was recycling an old t-shirt into a new carry bag. Here she is modeling the carry bag. Awesome!



One Old T-Shirt, Scissors, Needle and Thread (or Sewing Machine)


Step One - Turn the t-shirt inside out.

Step Two - Cut off sleeves (all the way to the seam).

Step Three - Cut down the middle of the neck to about chest high.

Step Four - Cut  from one side of the neck band to the slit in the middle and repeat for both sides (this creates the handles).

Step Five - Sew the bottom of the shirt closed and turn right side out.


  T-shirt Carry Bag

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