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Fundraiser Time-UPDATE

Posted Oct 27 2009 4:28pm

Celtic just brought home the first fundraiser of the year and it is AWFUL! WAAAAY overpriced Christmas wrapping paper, highly preserved microwaveable food, dollar store items with highly inflated priced, cheap Crayola plastic tools that won't make it through one week in my house.....just plain awful!

They get the kids all hyped up about this crap so they can earn prizes, which I remember from my school days are not even worthy of being in a quarter machine.

I dont think I need to say this, but Celtic will NOT be participating. In fact I am going to be printing (on recycled paper) out some greener options and returning them instead of the current fundraiser papers.

You would THINK someone on the APT would be concerned about the Earth. I mean come on, seriously?


So I took 10 minutes out of my afternoon...........10 Minutes...........That is all it took and I found 6 very well laid out professional looking green school fundraisers!

I went to the About pages and printed the first page of each one. When they print the website is automatically added at the bottom of the page.

Then I grabbed a highlighter and highlighted each web address.

Here are the sites I am sending to my son's school, I suggest you do the same, soon.

Responsible Mommy


Green Raising

Green Students Fundraising

Mother Earth Fundraising

ECO Label Fundraising

Twisted Limb Paperworks

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