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Fun Blog Discovery

Posted Apr 09 2009 7:15pm

I found a new blog that has me laughing through the, er..., not-laughing.

It's called Stepmother's Milk and is sassy and makes me giggle pretty hard in recognition.

Here's the story on the blog name:

"The term actually originated with my mother (a fair and calm woman), who in her mid-thirties, became an insta-mom to two additional teenage girls. Poor thing. She was fortunate in those early years of repressed anger and wounded self esteem (“Roll your eyes again and I’ll cut you!”) to stumble upon a group of Northern California women recently initiated into the S-mom club themselves. These women quickly recognized that even one hour of indulgent, brutal honesty was an effective antidote for warding off S-mom insanity.

They’d meet as far away from the house as possible, share a round of very strong cocktails and laugh and groan over their similar spilled milk. By telling their unedited stories in a safe and encouraging environment, these women gained valuable perspective and found an intoxicating platform to vent.

And that’s how the tradition was born.

Legend has it that they chose the Ramos Fizz as the first style of ‘milk’ because it was one of those cocktails socially acceptable to drink before Noon. Later they branched out into other types of alcohol, not any specific concoction, but whatever was in the glass at the time. Over the years, S-mom milk became their universal and interchangeable code word for “I need to get out of the house and away from these kids, please help me GOD!”

Here's another bit I enjoyed, from a post written by blog author, Izzy Rose. It's a post on suggested list of gifts for a Step Mom shower (think baby shower, except in this case the step-momma welcomes full (or semi-full) grown kids!)

"Because I got so many superb suggestions from you all for the Stepmom Shower Gift Registry, I decided to update it and repost. It makes me laugh every time I read it.

Case of wine
5 pounds of Brie (crackers included)
A day spa retreat including obscene bikini wax
90 minute massage complete with airy-fairy music
Countertop Mojito fountain
Pedicure with flips to take home
scones for a month
Lipstick for a year
Xanax sampler pack
personal flask
An overnight hotel stay with The Husband"

Heehee! Check out this funny blog!
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