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Frugal Vegan's Pumpkin Lasagne

Posted Oct 20 2009 10:03pm
Good morning, everyone! Today is a happy day! Picured in this old, antique (ok just a few years ago) picture, is my VEGAN hoodie. I love this thing hard, and today was the first day in subtropical Louisiana that I could wear a big thick hoodie. Yay! The story goes: Back in my wee vegetarian youngster days, I used to send LOTS of letters to the editor of the local paper. I was a PETA2 Street Team superstar! I hit the big one when a letter got published on cutting out dissection in schools. My prize from PETA was any item in the Street Team prize assortment. I chose this hoodie, worth 50 gazillion activism points. Anyway, that was a bunch of years ago and I love breaking this hoodie out every year when it gets cold. Cheers! (Dunno why I look crazy-eyed in that picture...prolly still trying to catch up on sleep lost during graduate school).

And now...onto the food.

 Today's dish is sort of a Frankensteiny project. Like many MoFo-ers, bloggers, and, uh, eaters in general, Fall has me all about pumpkin everything! I happened upon pumpkin lasagne when I was flipping through the Frugal Vegan's Harvest & Holiday Survival Guide. I ended up making several adjustments and creating sort of a new recipe. The basic dish was lasagne with a base of pumpkin puree seasoned with onions, spices, etc. I added  in some nutrional yeast and vegan sausage crumbles to spice it up! It also called for 1.5 cups of spaghetti sauce. In an rare and unusual move, I decided to make my own! Here's the sauce I made from an easy Sarak Kramer recipe.
(The picture looks like some kind of crazy spaghetti sauce /moon phase presentation!)

The finished product was tasty! Here it is without extra sauce, but we poured a little more spaghetti sauce on the top before we ate it. Pumpkn puree is a great soy-alternative and healthy way to fill a lasagne, I must say! This would have been great with a bunch of soy cheese on top but I was all out!

P.S. While we're talking about pumpkins, check out Farm Sanctuary's Halloween tips and info!
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