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For Climate Relief, United States Will Turn to Gas

Posted Jun 26 2010 2:01pm

The following is an excerpt from an article concerning America’s inevitable transition from carbon-based energy. If what the researchers at MIT have concluded is true, we may be hearing a lot more about natural gas in the near future.

New study finds untapped shale reserves set to displace coal if carbon pricing enforced

If the United States — and by extension the world — has a hope of shifting to a low-carbon future, that shift will almost certainly involve burning a vast volume of natural gas. So concludes an assessment by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, who estimate that the US could reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the electricity sector by at least 10 percent virtually overnight by shutting down inefficient coal-fired plants and ramping up gas-powered generators.

“In a carbon-constrained future, gas plays a particularly important role as a bridge,” says Ernest Moniz, who headed the project as director of MIT’s Energy Initiative (MITEI).

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shale gas basins united states For Climate Relief, United States Will Turn to Gas

For Climate Relief, US Will Turn to Gas via Nature News

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