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Flu Vaccines Required...Hah!

Posted Aug 26 2008 1:46pm

This from The New York Times :

A Proposal to Require Flu Vaccines for Preschool

Hah! I don't even know where to start...not a chance in...ummm...well you know where this will pass!

Where do I start:

1. Flu vaccines tend to still contain mercury - a hotly debated topic - many parents believe this has contributed to autism in their children.

2. Many parents, in general believe that other preservatives in vaccines are harmful for some children

3. Flu vaccines tend to be concocted from MOSTLY LAST YEAR'S flu virus...not the current year's ...for obvious reasons... in the several months between formulating the vaccine and administering it, the viruses – which are naturally constantly evolving and mutating – may have changed, or new ones may have emerged

4. What about the opt out provision? Will that still apply? Sounds like it will...most states have that provision.

5. It's actually often better for children to get sick in helps to build the immune system.

Wow- I can't wait to see the debate.

The CDC's take on Flu vaccines ...cautiously optimistic...we'll see how they weigh in on this debate.

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