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Five Ways to Start Green

Posted Sep 29 2008 10:50pm
Today is the perfect day to get started on the journey to a green lifestyle.  Even small changes in a lot of areas can add up to a big change overall.  Here is a quick list of five areas that I have decided to change in my life.

1.  Drive more efficiently.  For various reasons we all can't drive the latest hybrid cars but we can all drive our current cars in a more efficient manner.  Keeping your car tuned up and staying off of the gas pedal can reduce the amount of carbon your car produces.  Carpooling or riding a bike to work once a week can also be a great way to reduce time spent on the road.  Any one of these choices can also save money in fuel costs.

2.  Turn down the water heater.  Turning the water heater in your home down to 120 degrees will ensure that extra energy isn't wasted.  120 degrees is probably about as hot as you will ever need your water anyways so why not save more energy and money!

3.  Let the dishwasher do it's job.  Modern dishwashers are more efficient and use less water than hand washing dishes.  Modern dishwashers can also handle pretty much anything you throw at them so save even more by not pre-rinsing and simply knocking the food particles off prior to loading.

4.  Ditch the bottled water.  Plastic is one of the biggest culprits of the mounds and mounds of trash that resides in our landfills.  Ditch the plastic and use a home filtration system instead.  Brita and Nalgene have partnered in an initiative to reduce the number of bottles used, check it out at

5.  Stop wasting power.  Appliances use electricity when they are plugged in, regardless if they are on or off.  Start by installing a power strips around the house and turning them off in addition to turning off the appliances.  You can also do simple things like unplug the coffee pot in the morning when you are finished with it.

So there you have it, my chosen first steps on this green journey.  I will be posting again soon with the results of implementing these things into my lifestyle.
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