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Family- and planet-friendly sunscreen

Posted Jun 01 2010 7:14am

by kiwilog


Summer is here, and that means its time to load up on sunscreenbut take note, not all lotions are created equal. Most conventional sunscreens contain synthetic, petroleum-based chemicals, which may be carcinogenic and/or hormone disruptors (bad for moms, dads, and kids!). What’s more, the stuff you put on your skin can also negatively affect our oceans, beaches, and communities. In fact, it’s estimated that 4,000-6,000 metric tons of sunscreen end up in the ocean every year, threatening up to 10 percent of our coral reefs by a process called bleaching. Yikes! Sounds like all-natural sun protection is the way to go. Here, some essential tips to keep your family (and the planet!) safe while you enjoy some fun in the sun Read the labels Look for sunscreens that are free of synthetic preservatives, parabens, PABA, petrochemicals, benzoates, and artificial colors or fragrances. (Pregnant? What goes on your skin ends up in your bloodstream and reach your baby, so always choose a brand that’s certified organic.)

Don’t be fooled You may think you’re getting extra protection, but sunscreens with an SPF higher than 30 don’t do much to block additional rays. Instead, reapply a lower SPF every 2 hours.
Reapply often Be wary of sunscreens that claim to be  waterproof or that will last all day. While there may be some lasting effect after spending time in the water, it’s better just to reapply after toweling off.
Remember your lips The skin on your lips is delicate and needs just as much (if not more!) protection than the rest of your body. After sipping from your water bottle or eating lunch, be sure to reapply an all-natural balm with SPF.

Now you know what to look for when choosing a sunscreenbut which brand really works best? A few of my favorites:

-Laura Meyer, Founder and CEO of and mom of three

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