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Exercise to Hike up your GPA

Posted Jun 16 2010 11:05am

by kiwilog

yogaThroughout my entire life I have always been exposed to exercise, sports and the benefits of constantly moving.
When I entered college, my sisters kept saying “don’t gain the freshman fifteen.”

To them, it was just a taunt; but to me, it was serious!

The freshman fifteen is every college student’s fear and many take the time and effort to exercise more than normal.
But now there are more than just health benefits.

At Saginaw State University, 266 students were tracked based off exercise habits and grades. The study showed that students who vigorously exercised had higher grade point averages.
In this study, students who had a constant vigorous workout seven days a week averaged 0.4 points higher than those that did not exercise.

While the study focused on older kids, it is a great idea to exercise with your little ones as well. Instead of going to the gym there are many things you can do right in your own home.
For example, dancing-many don’t think its exercise, but it is! Put on your child’s favorite songs, and have fun with the beat. Get the entire family to participate by having each person come up with one or two moves and then put them all together for a whole routine!

In the morning, some easy things to do are a few yoga moves. Not only does yoga fuel the mind, but it gives your kids a great stretch after a good nights sleep.
Try these moves at home and let us know what your favorite ways to exercise and move with your kids are.

In yoga, we move as we breathe. For example, we stretch on the inhale and relax on the exhale. The Sunrise/Sunset pose is a good all-over warm-up for any activity.
1. Stand up tall. Take three to five deep breaths.
2. On the next inhale, lift your arms above your head. Press your legs and feet down toward the ground and stretch your spine and waist toward the sky.
3. As you exhale, bend the upper half of your body at your waist down toward your legs, as if you were diving into a pool. Bend your knees a little at first, to avoid straining your back. Bend as far as you comfortably can. As you inhale again, open your arms wide and stand up slowly, stretching your arms to the sky.
 4. Repeat this six to 10 times. As you inhale and stretch, think of the glowing, rising sun. As you exhale and fold, think of the setting sun.


By Victoria, KIWI Editorial Intern

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