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Evil Lurks Where You Least Expect It - The Danger of Six Pack Rings And How You And Your Family Can Make A Difference

Posted Mar 14 2009 3:55pm

Danger lurks where we least expect it in life. Even Darth Vader would be surprised that the danger I am discussing today is not from “the dark force” or giant industrial conglomerates. This danger comes from  the simple six-pack ring and is a serious threat to many in our environment.

Harry and The Dark Force Tater

According to, “During a beach cleanup along 300 miles of Texas shoreline in 1988, 15,600 plastic six-pack rings were found in 3 hours.” Hundreds of photos of animals trapped in plastic six-pack rings inundate the internet and the message is clear: six-pack holders are virtually invisible image underwater, so marine animals of all sorts get trapped in them regularly. It’s often a death trap.

While doing a search on the dangers of six pack rings, I came across a great story on the website. It’s about the rescue of “Six Pack,” a poor crested duck who got trapped in a six-pack ring. J.R. calls it the “Great Six-Pack Duck Rescue” and tells the photo story of how they rescued the duck. Here is his photo.

The message on six pack rings? YOU AND YOUR FAMILY CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE - Before you toss six-pack holders into the garbage, snip each circle with a scissors. Find other ways to recycle and utilize six-pack holders.

Harry the Pug – defender against evil and wrong-doers everywhere, says, “Please send me your ideas for creative ways to reuse six pack holders and help save a life!”

Harry and I look forward to hearing from you!

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