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Everything Update

Posted Jan 29 2010 6:41pm

So how do you like the new bloggy look? I wasnt going to do a Valentines theme, but hubby said he wanted me too and it did indeed inspire me. It is nice when he takes an interest. I know he adores me, but sometimes he looks over the things I do, such as this blog.

So where have I been? Well I have been at school! This week was my very first week and it was amazing! I have a fantastic math teacher, so far I am understanding the math he is teaching, which is relieving. Do not get me wrong, there are a couple of problems on my math homework that I can not wrap my head around, but it's not as hard as I was dreading.

I dropped my Judo class. I was going to take Judo which I thought would be a typical martial arts class. But after watching the History of Judo through Netflix, well lets just say, it scared the crap out of me. Apparently it is a lot of throwing (which I knew) but also a lot of wrestling. Which I do not feel comfortable with. So when I dropped the class I went to fill it with weight lifting but that class was full. The only other PE they had that was not full was Sports coaching and that is not something I am interested in. So I signed up for 3 Dimensional Design and I am soooo glad I did!

The first thing we are making is a 3 dimensional animal. I wanted to do a dragon and after class I went up to ask the teacher if that would be OK, being a mythical creature and all. While I was waiting for my turn to speak to her I overheard the two girls in front of me asking if they could make dragons. So then I thought to make a unicorn, but decided against it since I didnt want to do a horse. OK, so what else.......hmmm. I heard someone was doing a chimera...

So I went with a narwhal. A narwhal is a beluga with a 7-9 foot tooth that comes out of its left jaw. In fact the unicorn gets it very tale from the narwhal. Seaman would hunt the narwhal and sell it's twisting long horn to kings and queens as a magical unicorn horn. They are indeed real and live in the cold arctic waters. Though they do not do well with climate change and could be put on the endangered list very soon. We are making the animals out of bristol paper and dont you worry you will see a picture of it when it is done!

So my other class is my Silk Screening class and I absolutely love it! Our fist project is a self portrait with no face. Now let me explain, we have to make an image that represents our hearts and souls, that is the self portrait. This was a tough piece for me.

This may look like a family portrait. But to me it is my self portrait. It is my self portrait because I became a mom at the young age of 16. 2 years later I met my husband and 1 year and 10 months after that we got married. 4 months after that I gave birth to my second child and I have been a stay at home mom ever since. For 5 years now I have been a stay at home mom, losing real life friends and gaining online friends. Making an impression in the couch and gaining weight. Dont get me wrong I enjoy being a mother and wife, I enjoy spending my time with my children and watching them grow, supporting my husband in his endeavors. So as of Tuesday of last week my self was my children and my husband. But now it is time for more.

Now I need to learn, express my self, make friends, have adult conversations. Find the inner me again. That is what the tree represents. The Celtic knotwork represents my heritage and the tree represents the growth that I will make and move forward towards.

That is all for now! I will do another post for the winner of the giveaway!

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