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Environmental Resolution for 2010? Do Less. Do It Better.

Posted Dec 31 2009 2:56pm

Hands earth After years of making New Year's resolutions that are admirable in their scope -- and frustrating in their lack of achivement -- I've finally hit on the one goal that makes sense to me not only for the year that's about to dawn, but for the decade that lies ahead:

Do less.  Do it better.

This will probably be harder than it sounds.

We face more "opportunities" than ever before - more ways to social network, more green stuff to buy, more blogs to read and write, more work to do, more programs to watch, more groups to support...

And yet how much "more" is truly meaningful?

In my case anyway, it seems that the more I do, the more fractured my life actually becomes. I spend a lot of time catching up and keeping up, rather than determinedly building on a foundation that, over time, amounts to tru, meaningful change.

I can't help but wonder, if I chose quality over quantity, would I actually make a bigger difference in the world?

2010 will be the year I give that notion a try.

Here's the list of "less" I'm going to aim for:


* Less causes, more results-oriented campaigns.

* Less "multiple streams of income," more effective consulting for clients that make a difference.

* Less social "gadabout-ing," more quality comments and posts.


* Less consumption, more eco-friendly goods when I do buy.

* Less processed foods, more food I grow myself (well...except when it comes to chocolate).

* Less electronic entertainment, more quality time outdoors.

* Less driving, more mass transit, biking and walking (even if it means I go fewer places).

* Less charities to support, more support for those I endorse.

None of these changes are destined to gain me more time, the commodity that is perhaps in shortest supply in our "do more, have it all" world. They do promise to make the time I spend more worthwhile. At a minimum, doing less should help me simplify my life, a worthy goal in and of itself. Will it?  Stay tuned.  And let me know what's on your "less list." 

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