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Energy Saving Tips For Winter

Posted Oct 27 2011 9:12am

Ottawa is one of the coldest Capitals in the world, not really the most appealing stat for this beautiful city we live in but boy it sure does get cold.   The cost of oil is rising and increasing the cost of energy at alarming rates, so I thought it might be a good idea to share some tips on how to reduce your energy output this winter without sacrificing your comfort at home.   Here are just 4 simple tips on how to save energy this winter.

1.       Cover the windows - So this past weekend I decided to be proactive and and put plastic up to all my windows.   You can buy this easy to use product at any Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart.   It is extremely easy to use and the benefits are incredible.   It keeps the cold draft out and the heat in.   It is beneficial to old and new windows; you can never be too efficient! 

2.       Fill in the cracks – do a flashlight test around suspecting areas, including door frames, areas where wiring is coming into the house or even going through walls.   The cracks in the foundations or even from room to room in a house can drastically affect the heat in a room causing your furnace to work harder and you to pay more money.    A little caulking or foam insulation can go a long way in reducing your energy costs  

3.       Turn off the lights – it is such a simple concept but surprising the amount of energy saved when actually done.      We used to do something at a group home I worked at to try and teach the kids about energy saving.   We set a dollar amount on the hydro bill (we were very generous), based on the seasons of course and if we went over that amount, the kids would have to pay out the remaining in chores around the house.   It gave them an understanding of what its like to pay a bill, they were all very quick to catch on 

4.       Automate your home – have your thermostat on a timer to turn down at night when you go to bed, turn on before you get up and off while you are not at home during the day.   You can also set your lights on a timer to save even more. 

As a ‘Green’ Junk Removal and Bin Rental company we are always trying to help you find ways to save energy and the earth.   If you are doing an energy saving home renovation or just de-cluttering the space in your home, Capital Bins can help with the removal of all your unwanted items.

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