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Earthcalm EMF Protector/MRI

Posted Nov 18 2008 5:52am
As you know, if you've been a steady reader for my blog, that I will review any product that seems interesting, un-harmful, etc., and I will report it as such even at the expense of my dignity. Thus, I reported how I surprisingly liked the EarthCalm EMF protector, even though it seemed a little tinfoil hat-ish, and in our house we practice EMF hygiene (more on that, later). But the earth does have a magnetic field (see previous post on sleep), and, as with global warming, we may be messing with it with all our powerful techno stuff. Keep in mind, too, that the earliest times in pregnancy is a very delicate process, and we should respect that process and keep as many weird things out of it so life can do its thing.

So anyway, I do get tons of mail on this subject, mostly questions on EMF, but here is one from a fellow EarthCalm fan, who graciously allowed me to reprint her email:

I am an earthcalm user and read your blog at Green Fertility. I just wanted you to know that I had an MRI several years ago, and it wiped me (and my immune system) out

for close to 6 months. So you are absolutely right about ‘cells being rearranged’ (or whatever it does). I didn’t have my earthcalm products when I had the MRI. I am also a Reiki channel, and do Chinese Energy work, so am sensitive to energy also. I will never have another MRI – it was awful.

I got the earthcalm products because I coughed for years, and no one could figure out why – none of the doctors, alternative people, etc. My friend brought over a Gauss

Meter and we discovered that the area where I live was extremely high in EMF, due to cell phone towers, high tension towers, etc. The day I got the earthcalm home protector, I plugged it in, and it was like someone had turned a faucet off – I stopped coughing immediately, and my lungs have been healing. So know that these products really make a difference. I don’t know where I would be now without them.

I wasn’t sure how to put a message on your blog, so I found your email and used that.

In Peace, Judith Weiss

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