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E-Waste Recycling

Posted Apr 25 2012 5:05pm 1 Comment
Have you watched Wall-E movie? Wall-E is an animated movie by Pixar, just in case that you didn’t have any clue about it. The main actor was a Robot named Wall-E who became the only inhabitants of earth because human and the rest of living things had moved out to a giant spaceship. Earth was abandoned and full with e-waste piled up everywhere. This movie could be a picture of the earth within a few hundred years ahead. You must be wondering why? The united Nation recently had revealed their shocking data about the existing e-waste. The junk multiply significantly, UN reported that there were twenty up to fifty million tons of “fresh” electronic waste from around the globe, and most of it( more or less eighty percent ) dumped into poor or developing countries.E-waste is a type of waste that comes from damaged electronic items or electronics with good condition but no longer used by the users. The waste problem is getting worse since the presence of new version of the electronics that makes people easily dump their old one which still have good value. For an example, according to Australian government, the amount of electronic waste increased three times faster than other types of waste, since the presence of new-tech digital TV, as a result the Australian authorities are ” beaten up” by new seven hundred TV or electronic waste every year. With those kind of facts people, including you and I, should have to think fast how to reduce this trends and take a significant action to help the earth from being contaminated by the junk.Electronic waste had the worst effect compare to other waste. When it disposed on landfills, the waste will generating severe contamination becauce E-waste usually contain various kind of heavy metals especially Mercury, lead, Cromium, Cadmium, Barium and hazardous compounds such as PBDEs. For you who don’t familiar with these metals, I’ll give you a brief explanation for each one of the metal.
* Mercury is known to be toxic to human brain and it can cause nervous system, kidney damage. Mercury also very harmful for fetus developing
* in low exposure, Lead can cause IQ degeneration and triggered hyperactivity and behavioural disorders.
* Chromium is easily absorbed by human skin and it can cause allergies symptoms and DNA damage
* Cadmium enters the body through respiration and it can crush your kidneys and bones into pieces hehe… Still want more of this? Ok, let’s continue with
*Barium, it can cause muscle weakness, breathing difficulty
*PBDE can destroyed your Thyroxine hormone and another mammals. If your Thyroxine hormone is disturbed, you will suffer dwarf disease.
What we can do to solve this problem? Here are some ways to solve the e-waste issues.
1. Buy electronic items that you needed not wanted. See the difference?
2. Buy electronic that can be upgraded easily, so you don’t have to buy new one.
3. be creative with your old gadget. Don’t throw them away. Maybe you can change them into a piece of art work. Just an idea.hehe
4. Recycle them. Such as TV recycling, Refrigerators and etc. Do it manually, because if you shredded them with machine the hazardous compound will exposed.


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Capital Junk is holding a Free E-Waste Drop-Off day this Saturday April 28th - 9:00am-11:00am - 1609 Stittsville Main Street at the Stittsville Home Store. Hope to see you there! (Note: limit of 3 items per household or business)
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