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Dwyane wade and points in the second half of the iron 1 king and made 12 iron he is really a failure

Posted Jan 14 2013 2:39am
The heat away against the trail blazers, in the first half they once occupied the large lead, but the second half was the Portland trail blazers after up, and eventually lost 90-92. Wade reemerge on a against the pacers, different before and after, although the first half, but the sharp attack state for eight only 1, the percentage is only 12.5%, the Kobe 7 Big Bang only get and points. A game against the indiana pacers, wade in the first half performance hot, scored 23 points in the first half of the season, create personal best performance, but in the second half but strangely only four shots, and the third quarter was no 1 shots, no score account. Wade not directly after the game to the team's tactical what said. "I play team basketball," wade replied, but the tone of his voice sounds is obviously HuaLiYouHua. Asked if the second half state cooling, dwyane wade and even asked the reporter: "I have hands cold?" However, now the heat priority is obviously not the offensive end, but in the defensive end, lies in the rebound. Wade I also said rebounds really is the primary task of the team. "We must work together to find the solution to a team point of view to find the solution," wade said. The game start heat played very aggressive, wade first played a role model. On the offensive, he frequently impact the Portland trail blazers the basket, especially when the team to rebound or finish off the ball fast start, dwyane wade and dribble to run forward, then cast his best "European steps" shake off to defend Cheap Kobe 8 opponent layup in the first half, the game he often put on such a lens. In wade drive, the Miami heat attack is sharp, quickly takes advantage, in the first half they big lead over. Wade in the 17th minute of time send out 14 points, another 3 rebounds for the rockets. From wade career against the trail blazers performance view, he always keep good data contribution, averaging can cut down 27 points, 5.2 rebounds, 6.9 assists, and shooting reaches as high as 51%, so half so performance is not strange. In an odd way, however, the second half of the game actually and copy the a to indiana pacers, dwyane wade and dumb fire! The third quarter in addition to breakthrough the dunk, wade is only sporadic a few assists send out, only to get two points. But this time the responsibility and not others, because dwyane wade in the second half of shots or some, from the second half to see the whole half, dwyane wade and Kobe 8 Shoes minutes time got eight shots, but he himself eight shots in only 1, the percentage is low to no. Wade's downturn also became the Portland trail blazers counter-attack another successful incentive. Just think, when the defensive end less a tremendous burden, the Portland trail blazers attack can not be free? Finally the heat 90-92 defeat, in this wave and even the guest on the road and eat a losing battle. The whole game and 6 minutes and seconds, lebron jumper inroads help Miami 82-72 lead 10 points, at this time no one doubts that Miami can win this game, because in the previous three quarters much time is Miami control of the situation, the Portland trail blazers team once the points gap down to 3 points, but ray Allen three goals and help Miami hold the situation, but the next game is completely out of control of Miami. Batu miller's foul by two free throws, aldridge steals miller, batu mu's 3-pointer, dwyane wade, lebron continuous two attack not if really, Matthews jumper's achievements, batu steals wade rush into 2 + 1, only 2 minutes, the Portland trail blazers team will play a wave 10-0 counterattack, high here Miami only two shots, the other two are the ball opponent direct steals. The two minutes for Miami, is almost fatal blow, originally 10 points lead crumble to dust, and ray Allen's 3-pointer also can't let Miami again back to the soul, by contrast, 3-1 win is Portland with imposing manner, batu since he encountered defend and Matthews and sprung up, and in 30 seconds hit Cheap Jordan Super Fly consecutive 2 remember three points. The director the blockbuster reversal. Why to appear such circumstance? From start to find reasons. The first quarter Miami 21 - and lead, all the 21 points are from lebron James, dwyane wade and bosh three giants, today very consistent inside bosh scored 29 points, but dwyane wade, lebron is obviously out of form, the former and points cost and shots, the latter is an end to the season continuous score and + record. Lebron tired, wade also can not find that can not handle, bosh scored at the critical moment of every crucial player, at present, in addition to the Miami heat in the ray Allen (today shane battier (micro bo) injured truce), they can only rely on the big three.
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