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Driving Off a Cliff: Cool in the Movies, But Not in Real Life

Posted Jul 07 2008 7:16pm

Cliffs are some of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. They’re actually one of the few things left in nature that men have not cut down, burned or paved over.

Most importantly, cliffs have been used in some of the greatest scenes in movie history. Remember Thelma and Louise’s infamous head-first dive off a cliff? Or how Wayne and Garth emulated that inWayne’s World 2?

Or when Ferris Bueller’s best friend Cameron accidentally pushed his father’s beloved sports car into the bottom of a ravine? Or when Sylvester Stallone battled bad guys inCliffhanger(yeah, I barely remembered that one as well).

Cliff jumps are supposed to be cool. That’s why I was so bothered when I read that a 17-year-old boy in Colorado Springs drove his car off of Pikes Peak….over his girlfriend breaking up with him!

That’s right. In front of a crowd of tourists at 1pm on Wednesday, this kid drove 35 mph off into the 14,110-foot cliff. But there was nothing cool about it. He apparently fell 1,000 feet and then was ejected from the car… and survived! He was conscious for the entire 7 hours it took rescuers to get to him and fly him to a nearby hospital.

We’re told he has closed head injuries, but there’s no other news about his condition.

You can read the storyhere.

Yes, I think it’s sad that a kid would want to do this over another kid. He’s too young to be thinking about suicide and how a girl is his entire life. He should go plant a tree, or start a recycling program, or find a teenage hippy chick (they love the environment and are super nice).

I hope that he’s okay, but even more importantly, I hope that he learned his lesson: next time choose CliffsNotes.

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