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Downsizing and Emotional Health During A Recession - How The Life Uncommon Can Help!

Posted Dec 04 2008 9:30am

It is time to make lemons out of lemonade and "garden nude." By now you realize that "gardening nude" is not about gardening in the traditional sense. It is about tending to you, your family, and your community. It is a motivational push to live a greener lifestyle. It is spending more positive mental health time outdoors and with family. When financial disaster strikes, many people feel it means the end - they become depressed, isolate themselves and their family. I say do not give up hope!

Thinking positive and riding out the changes can do more for the emotional health and well-being for you and your family than anything else. It is true that our economy is forcing many people to reevaluate their standing in life and in the community. This is an OPPORTUNITY to rethink our way of living and address the daily stress we face so we might choose a better way of living.

Nacie Carsons A Life Uncommon Part of "gardening nude" is learning to accept and prioritize your lifestyle so living greener and healthier is a practical goal. One person who is achieving this more positive mindset and living the lifestyle she has always dreamed of is Nacie Carson. She wrote The Life Uncommon, a self-help guide book which teaches readers how to make a life transformation.

This little eBook is packed with a whole lot of helpful information for people who are new to the downsizing concept and want to live with more while making less. Having downsized myself, I can tell you that Ms. Carson teaches effective and positive techniques to readers. This three part guide touches on important elements to help set priorities and reach a higher level of personal satisfaction. Included are many helpful tips and suggestions for defining what it is you truly want from life, developing this desire into a new career option, and implementing a lifestyle conversion.  This is a quick read and a motivating self-help book built on the author's own experiences with a dramatic lifestyle change. Perhaps it is just what you need to motivate a fresh start moving in a different financial direction.

Nacie Carson's stirring vision for a smooth transition into a new lifestyle is a statement in reality - it is possible! Even better, this guide is listed for under $10 on - - what a perfect gift!

Nacie Carson 08

Author of The Life Uncommon, Nacie Carson.

It's easy to find The Life Uncommon by searching on, or go to Ms. Carson's website to learn more;

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