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Don't Think and Drive

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:13am

I just heard the cost of a barrel of oil is at an all-time high. Again. Blah, blah, blah. Are we getting immune to this news? Or are we actually trying to do something about it? Not sure. I like the idea of going from four wheels to one, but I'm having a little trouble with the uphills! All kidding aside, here's an overview of oil and food security that might just get you pumped up about local food.

The Woes

Thinking twice about driving unnecessarily when you fill up your tank? Well, you might want to think twice when you fill up your fridge as well. Our country’s consolidated, conventional farms are dependent upon oil in many ways. They depend on oil to mine, manufacture and transport synthetic fertilizers. They use oil in heavy machinery on the farms, and then in the processing, packaging and transport of farm crops across the nation and throughout the world. The long distance typically traveled from farm to table not only makes us as consumers increasingly dependent upon oil, but also threatens our food security by making us vulnerable to acts of terrorism or forces of nature.

The Wows

Sustainable agriculture that includes organic farming methodologies, locally grown foods with minimal packaging, and incentives for energy-efficiency in transportation and food preparation help to decrease reliance on oil and improve local food security. In addition, this decentralization of food production feeds money and jobs into the local community, enabling it to be more self-sufficient.
The biggest decisions you make each day about oil use in our country involve the foods you eat.

What You Can Do Now

Okay, I'm starting to repeat myself, but you know the score.

1. Support your local farmers
2. Plant a kitchen garden
3. Share your experience with friends, family and neighbors.

Go to for farmers markets near you.
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