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Does Your Child Drink their Bath Water?

Posted Oct 30 2008 3:20pm

I hope not, but mine does, and it drives me crazy! She acts like it's delicious but I think she just likes to irritate me (probably the latter.)Initially, my negativism was directed towards the dirt and germs that were washed off her and were now floating in the water. But then I started wondering about the cleanser used to clean the tub too. This is where the real harm is, and it became clear that an all-natural solution had to be found.

Lately, you can find a plethora of natural cleaning products and laundry detergents on the market, such as Method, and Seventh Generation. Or you may opt for the old fashioned method that is effective and economical, by using baking soda, vinegar, and lemons. I like using them in certain areas of the house like the kitchen, but in others, I feel like I need to bring in the big guns, so to speak. That's why I was so excited to find this revolutionary product called the Lotus Sanitizing System.

I first saw this product on "The Big Idea by Donny Deutsch." Essentially, this machine turns ordinary tap water into a chemical free sanitizer that kills microbes and removes toxins by super oxygenating it. It has several attachments, so your can either sanitize water for cleaning, or you can clean fruits and veggies from germs and surface pesticides, while increasing their shelf life. Additionally, there is a baby bottle attachment for sterilization, using the same process that hospitals use. During demonstrations, I have witnessed the removal of 10 year old carpet stains in seconds and the sterilization of counter tops after chopping raw poultry. Time Magazine awarded it 2006 Best Invention Award and sales are going through the roof.( Can I buy the stock?) This product retails somewhere around $149 and $199 depending on attachments and can be found online and through retailers like

This one is a great gift for a family with kids! Me likey!
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