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Do American birds taste funny because we chlorinate them?

Posted Aug 24 2008 12:11am
I'm baa--aack.

We were fed by Aramark, which a colleague described as the "Blackwater of caterers." This friend goes to a lot of different writers' conferences and says that the food, whether in Vermont, Tennessee, Ohio, etc., is always the same soylent-greenesque plasma. People actually thought I was vegetarian, as in my zeal to avoid MSG, nitrates, mad cow, bad tasting meat, I pretty much stuff to the salad bad hummus (metabisulphates, probably) and salad (pesticides, but oh well). So MAN FERTILITY sent me this tidbit from Slate. I know they already feed chickens arsenic, antiobiotics, other chickens, but chlorine??


Funky Chicken : Do American birds taste funny because we chlorinate them?

By Nina Shen Rastogi

Posted Monday, July 28, 2008, at 6:58 PM ET

Barack Obama was vague about key trade issues during his recent trip to Europe, according to an analysis published in Friday's New York Times . The article referred specifically to the 11-year European ban on importing chlorinated chickens from the United States , a sanction that "is less about safety than about taste." Does chlorine really make our chickens taste funky?

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A roasting chicken

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