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Detox Naturally : Debunking Detox Myths

Posted Oct 14 2010 6:00am

detox myths

Detox practices are wildly gaining popularity, thanks to some Hollywood celebrities.  Like any new trend, trustworthy information is often scarce and everybody wants to add his or her two cents, especially avid marketers, who senses the opportunity to make good money.  So how can we know if detox programs are reliable, safe and not just another fad diet?  Here are a few hard skin myths about natural detoxification that I wanted to expose.

Our body is dirty, so we must cleanse it: Our body isn’t dirty.  When we follow a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, our body shouldn’t require multiple strong detox programs.  Yes, there are some toxins that we simply can’t avoid, like some environmental pollutants, or even our own metabolic waste. But our body has a very efficient natural detox system that, when working optimally, can manage almost any toxin it is exposed to.  However, if you suffered from a diet essentially based on fatty, sugary or processed food, or if you’re not careful about chemicals that may enter your body through food and cosmetics, or if you feel that your detox system is not in its ideal condition, than a detox program can help.

Lifestyle doesn’t matter when we detox once in a while: Detoxification is not a quick fix for a poor lifestyle. Detox diets should be a way to kick-start the implementation of a sustainable lifestyle change.  Healthy habits are not something that you should do only once in a while. To truly benefit from a detox, you should absolutely follow it by healthier lifestyle habits.

Detoxification is the best way to loose weight: This is one of the myths heavily picked-up by marketers. Most detox methods will naturally cut down calories intake and avoid foods commonly labeled as “fattening”, thus you may lose weight. However, a true detox diet won’t have weight-loss as a primary target.  A good detox program will be focused on supporting your body’s natural detox system while helping you implementing sustainable lifestyle changes.

A detox is safe when it’s all natural: Not all detox programs are created equal.  Even if a detox is 100% natural, it doesn’t mean that it’s safe. Some detox diets are very restrictive and could lead to nutrient imbalances. Some others use natural substances that can be very harsh on your system.  Before choosing a detox method, always make sure that the diet suggested is balanced and do some research on the supplement ingredients.

More restrictive is the detox, better are the results: Some would think that fasting or only drinking a lemon juice based drink is the best way to detox. But the truth is, the more restrictive is the detox, the harsher it is on the body and better is the chance of suffering severe detox symptoms and nutrient imbalances. A good detox diet is composed of whole foods, is nutritionally balanced and does not contain harsh ingredients.

All detox programs are scams: I agree, many of them are! But there are ways to support our natural detoxification system. By giving our body the nutrients it needs to perform at its best, and by reducing the overall amount of metabolic waste, chemicals and other potential toxins, we can help to relief and restore our own ability to detox naturally.

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