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Detox and Heal your Liver with this Plant

Posted Jul 20 2010 4:38am

milk thistle to detox naturally

Among all the medicinal plants that nature provide us with, milk thistle is one of the best to detox naturally. Well known in ancient times, some recent studies have finally confirm all the health benefits of this special plant, especially its action on the detoxification of the liver.

It’s mostly the seeds that can help to detox the liver.  While we may not be aware of this, all kinds of toxins can invade our liver.  First, all of the chemical products that we inhale or ingest constitute a huge toxins source that our liver has to fight everyday. And if we add alcohol or medicine (even over the counter ones), in the mix, we are all set for an explosive cocktail!

With time, our overworked liver suffers.  Some lesions appear, and conventional medicine can’t do much about it.  It’s there that milk thistle can really help.  First, this plant has the power of detoxifying those toxins before they can damage the liver.  Second, milk thistle has the capacity of healing the damage caused previously. It can regenerate liver cells and rebuild liver tissue. Of course, don’t wait until your liver is heavily damaged before using this extraordinary plant.

If milk thistle supplements are used to treat liver problems, it’s also very interesting for prevention. The required dose will necessarily be different in both cases. To use it for prevention, 280mg is usually recommended. To treat more serious conditions, use a bigger dose, around 420mg per day.  And the good news is that this plant has virtually no after effects.

Did you know about the role of milk thistle in liver detoxification?  Would you like to know more about detox plants?

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