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Designer Limelight: Passenger Pigeon

Posted Aug 26 2008 4:36pm

Passenger Pigeon has a cute name and even cuter clothes made with organic and sustainable materials. In addition to an online store, their website contains wonderfully succinct explanations of the environmentally friendly materials used in the line. I'll paste some of those descriptions below, but first let's look at some of my fave Passenger Pigeon items.

1. Up top, the very work-to-drinks-friendly Vireo top made of lyocel.

2. Up top, organic cotton laptop bag in disguise as funky orange clutch.

3. Below, the uber-comfy looking Lark wrap dress in bamboo/cotton blend.

4. Below, the modern organic wool (and organic cotton-lined) Kinglet coat.

Eco-friendly materials info, care of Passenger Pigeon :

Organic Cotton:

"Up to fifty percent of worldwide insecticidal use and ten percent of the world's pesticides are required for the production of conventional cotton, despite the fact that the industry represents only three percent of annual international agricultural output. Many of these pesticides are known carcinogens, and have been found in watersheds, livestock, dairy products, as well as in the human body. Because organic cotton production is pesticide free, it is safer for farmers, for wildlife, and for you, the consumer. Although the organic cotton industry represents a very small percentage of overall cotton production, its growth has been consistently rising over the past couple decades, as individuals and companies alike become more aware of the benefits provided by organic products."


"Due to industrial hemp's inherent resilience to pests, it does not require any pesticide, insecticidal or herbicidal use. Not only is this fibre incredibly resilient to pests, it is also very versatile, and therefore can be used for many different applications. Hemp can emulate plastic, as well as be used for paper production and textiles. Though a cousin to marijuana, industrial hemp (cannabis sativa) contains so little THC that smoking brings about no more than a headache. Unfortunately, this plant has been stigmatized by both government and state, for if it were to enter the (American) marketplace, it would severely threaten the cotton and chemical industry."


"Made from the natural cellulose found in wood pulp as well as produced in a non-chemical manner, this fibre is economical in its use of energy and natural resources, and is fully biodegradable."

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