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Dell DF192 Laptop Battery Power Management Tips

Posted Oct 15 2013 9:00am

ReplacementDell DF192 laptop batterypacks are not cheap, especially if you want and branded design for Dell, or a high-capacity compatible one from one of its many subsidiaries. Power management is thus essential, if you want the battery for Dell DF192 in your laptop computer to last longer, saving you a lot of money in the long-term. For instance, instead of letting your laptop run idle for hours on battery charge when you are away from the office or home, it is advisable that you shut down, send your laptop to sleep, or hibernate it. This way, you will save battery power often, lower degradation of power cells, and keep your accessory working optimally for a long time. Other power management tips for Dell DF192 laptop batteries that you should consider include:


Dell Adapter

Like Dell DF192 laptop battery packs, adapters are the second most important laptop accessories. They don't only charge batteries, but also able to supply the direct current needed for a laptop. This, however, does not mean you should use a high-speed or fake Dell DF192 adapter when charging your laptop. Such accessories can overload power cells easily. They also enhance oxidation reaction in cells, lowering their productivity, and damaging them over time. Check the adapter you are using. Ensure it is of high quality or original, to maintain your Dell laptop battery well.


Hard disk

The hard disk is an essential laptop accessory used to store files. Individuals can also install and run applications of their choice from this accessory. As you store and delete files from your hard disk and or install and uninstall applications/programs, files can defragment and lower the efficiency of the battery. Junk file can also accumulate in various sectors worsening the problem further. To keep yourDell DF192 batteryworking well for long, clean clutter, and defragment your laptops hard disk often. Use the pre-installed defragmenter or download a brand that you like and use it to maintain your laptop. You should also reduce hard disk spin and increase RAM to enhance efficiency.



Did you know that the life of a Dell DF192 battery is a factor of how bright or dull your laptop’s screen gets? If you have your screen to full contrast or brightness to have a pleasant experience when watching movies, you will lower the life of thebattery for Dell DF192in your laptop computer significantly and vice versa. Navigate to your laptop's power management settings via the control panel and set your laptop to power saver mode. You should also lower the brightness and contrast levels to the lowest possible value and set the screen to sleep after a short period of inactivity.

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