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Day at the Sacramento Zoo's Earth Day Event and another worm bin started.....

Posted Sep 13 2008 11:53pm
Last weekend, for my wife's birthday, she wanted to visit VermiDragon Farms, a local farm that raises worms in the Browns Valley area, east of where we live. We weren't able to connect with the owner and it didn't happen last weekend.

My wife found out that he was going to be at the Sacramento Zoo's Earth Day Event today, so today we made a trek to William Land Park to the zoo. As usual the lines were long, but we were praising the fact that we signed up for a zoological membership a few weeks ago which allows us to go in the member's only line, so we basically just walked in, thankfully.

The event was pretty interesting and while making the rounds we finally came upon the VermiDragon booth. The owner was a really nice guy and he answered a lot of questions from my wife and I. He was selling wood vermicomposting bin kits made from recycled wood and made to fit under a sink for $20. We bought one. It also came with water paints and stickers so that our kids can decorate it (project for tommorrow).

This bin is a little different from our 14 gallon toter I bloggeed on last night. This one is bedded on the bottom with shredded newspaper on the bottom, moistened like a wrung out sponge. Then some moist coir, or composted coconut husk, is put on top. We added worms, both red wigglers and Europen Nightcrawlers, which the VermiDragon owner says they live in peace. The Red Wigglers are smaller and more voracious whereas the Nightcrawlers are grey and much larger, but burrow deeper. Then you place the food right on top, placing them in quadrants, letting them feed, and then feeding next in the quadrant, so on. We also added a pinch of oyster meal to help provide the grit for their gizzards.

We are very excited to add another worm bin, such a great way to reduce our waste naturally and get some great worm castings for the garden.

A feeding tip from VermiDragon, worms love to be fed pumpkins, its a treat for them.
More photos on the trip today coming....

Wormly yours,

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