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Danny DeVito on a Segway and a Baby Llama with Roses on Its Head

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:12am

Good & Plenty candy, those pink-and-white-covered black-licorice-favorites of moviegoers, is the oldest branded candy in the United States, introduced in 1893 by the Quaker City Confectionary Company of Philadelphia, Pennsyvania, the city that holds the famous Liberty Bell.

Well, this post is not about the Good & Plenty candy, but rather about two of the newest magazines on the rack--two that help readers declare liberty from negativity and environmental despair.

GOOD, which is about a year old, found its way into my hands for the first time just a couple weeks ago, and it didn't leave my hands until I had consumed it fully from cover to cover (sort of like I used to do with that box of candy). It is the only online/offline publication I've seen that has "creative commons" contracts with its writers rather than owning all rights 'til infinity and beyond. A creative commons contract means that a writer gives exclusive print and online rights for a limited time only (with GOOD it's 120 days) and then has the option of flexible choices for extending the relationship after that point. (The Associate Publisher of GOOD, by the way, is Al Gore's son, Albert).

According to Ben Goldhirsh, the founder and owner of GOOD, here's the magazine's mission:

We see a growing number of people tied together not by age, career, background, or circumstance, but by a shared interest. This revolves around a passion for potential mixed with fierce pragmatism and creative engagement. We sum all this up as the sensibility of giving a damn. But to shorten it, let's call it GOOD. We're here to push this movement and cover its realization.

While so much of today's media is taking up our space, dumbing us down, and impeding our productivity, GOOD exists to add value. Through a print magazine, feature and documentary films, original multimedia content and local events, GOOD is providing a platform for the ideas, people, and businesses that are driving change in the world.

Plenty, which has now been around for three years, focuses more specifically on "the world in green." Here's what it says on its site:

Plenty is an environmental media company dedicated to exploring and giving voice to the green revolution that will define the 21st Century. We live in exciting times: people everywhere are reexamining every part of their lives. From the coffee we drink to the cars we use to drive to work, our lives are getting greener—and Plenty is here to document it.

Plenty (as you may have guessed) is also about abundance. We want to see the world move away from fossil-fuel dependence and toward the bounty of green energy sources here on earth, like wind and solar power. And we believe that sustainable living doesn’t have to be Spartan living—hence our motto: it’s easy being green.

Both these magazines are worth checking out, and you'll find archived articles and more online. The current cover of GOOD has Danny Devito on a Segway. Plenty has a baby llama with roses on its head. Both a refreshing change of pace from the latest gossip about teenage actresses that litters check-out lines, don't you think?

As for Good & Plenty (the candy), here's the ingredient list:

Ingredients: Sugar, corn syrup, flour, molasses, contains 2% or less of: licorice extract, gum acacia, salt, caramel color, modified cornstarch, artificial colorings (includes K-carmine and red 40), resinous glaze, anise oil, carnauba wax, artificial flavoring, and sulfur dioxide, as a preservative.

K-carmine is the groundup bodies of the cochineal beetle and her eggs. And resinous glaze? Can you say beetle juice (and I'm not talking about the movie)? I don't even think you have to be a vegetarian to raise an eyebrow at this one. I think I'll stick with the food-for-thought in GOOD and Plenty instead.
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