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Dancer Tree

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:12am

We pass this tree on the way home from karate. We have, for years. Yet I only recently noticed this silly tree with its arms out and leg lifted, clearly practicing the yoga pose, Dancer, and now every time I pass it, it's all I see. I laugh out loud that a tree would do Dancer Pose, instead of Tree Pose. My younger daughter groans, telling me it's not all that funny, but just wait, I want to say, just wait until you've lived through college and work and children and homes and society and you're expected to act a certain way, but don't. Just wait until you see how connected you feel one day when you pass a tree doing Dancer's Pose. Just wait.

But then, this week, every day that I've seen this tree has revealed more and more red buds coming out of its fingers and toes. Soon it will be covered and I will no longer see the pose underneath. Spring is about to explode here. The "smelly trees" (the Bradford pear trees) are blooming. The first of the cherry blossoms and magnolias are flowering. The yellow forythia bushes and perky little packs of daffodils are everywhere.

About a week ago, I received a package in the mail from Kate in Australia. It was as if she had officially passed the baton of Spring to me. The package held numerous amazing things, among them several small seed packets that contained seeds she had saved from her garden, thousands of miles away, where summer is now giving way to fall. I already planted her "beautiful, pale green spinach" that she has been saving for more than ten years, and, come late April here, I will plant her Red Cornos capsicum (those are peppers, to us here in the US) and Ogen melon seeds, which she actually got from a gardener who lives near her beach shack, and which he claims are the Best Melons in the World. We shall now see!

And so, with the Dancer Tree about to hide under it clothes of leaves, and Kate's seeds in my garden, I feel balance in the world. I dabble in yoga myself, not near enough, not long enough, but a 40-second sun salutation while the coffee heats up counts, doesn't it? I do receive an email update each morning that I love, called The Daily Om. And I do try to do Dancer Pose more often. Especially when inspired by a tree.

P.S. For those who haven't seen, Kate and I are now partnering on Ecomomical.
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