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Posted Jun 21 2013 7:16am
So I see this take-out container on the counter that serves as the temporary holding place for recyclables in our house until we rinse and put things in the next holding spot until Wednesday's pickup by the county (another post about this will be coming once I return from Portugal , specifically about the blue bags, which simply make no sense and which I'm just not going to do anymore), and I wonder.  Is this actually compostable? 

It looks like it is. But I don't see any indication on it of anything.  Not recycable. Not compostable. Nothing. So I go to put it, reluctantly, in my garbage, when I see faint words on the inside of the container, under the oil and a food scrap or two. Yes. Compostable. 

So in it goes, in one of my two spinning composters (which I continue to love--I empty one each month while the other is filling). 

If you have a home composter, remember to add about 70% carbon to it--leaves, wood chips, or shredded toxin-free paper--to keep it balanced and unsmelly. See more composting tips in these articles I've written:

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Why Composting Is Hard Work, and Growing Food No Longer Is  
From Waste to Wow: How and Why to Compost (I was hired to write a series of articles, including this, for U.S. News and World Report's Healthy Eating on the Run blog for Farmer D Organics)

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